Lowering The Canadian Voting Age

Lowering The Canadian Voting Age


        What goes on in the Canadian government not only affects the adults but the teens in this democratic country are highly affected too. The only issue is that they are not allowed to vote on what is going to affect them. The intelligence of the youth will one day be used to lead Canada and help make life-changing decisions for the next generation. By lowering the voting age, Canadian students will have the opportunity to grow a passion for politics and develop experiences that will make them successful in improving the way our country works in the future. All adolescents have no say in how our country works but many have ideas that can help solve issues in today’s society and maybe even change the entire world. I think that the voting age in Canada should be lowered from 18 to 16 so teenagers have the chance to express their unique opinions.


          Lowering the voting age will increase voter turnout and have young Canadians vote for someone to represent their common interests on how the government should run. Only 38.8 percent of people aged 18 – 24 voted in the May 2011 federal elections which was extremely low compared to the 75.1 percent of people aged 65 – 74 who voted. In order to change this we need to lower the voting age because it will help give good habits to teens and get them involved in voting in all types of elections. For example, a teenager can encourage friends and family to go out and vote for what they believe in. Many people don’t go vote because they lack information on what each party believes in but if students were allowed to vote, they would take interest and find out accurate and correct information that they would share with friends and family. This would definitely increase the amount of people who come due to the knowledge they would gain. After all, there are no wrong votes so no one should feel embarrassed to go and cast a ballot on Election Day. Most teens already carry out most responsibilities that adults have so why are we not getting the benefits that the youth can provide for Canada in the elections?

Furthermore, a 16 year old can drive a car, work, and pay taxes but doesn’t have the right to vote on decisions that will stay longer with him/her rather than the people who are deciding it for them. This video shows that teenagers like the idea of lowering the voting age and they actually would take part in politics and start to learn information about it because right now, most teens don’t know the first thing about politics. But because of the fast growing internet, teens are starting to stay in touch with the latest government problems and students are starting to go out and protest, share ideas, and discuss issues with each other but there not allowed to express their opinions in the voting booth where it actually makes a difference in society. If the voting age is lowered, each teenager that will take part in the election will vote wisely and intelligently by gathering up all the information they can find about each party then by using their own knowledge, they will cast a vote that will help out the Canadian generation for the better.


          Ultimately, if we want change for the better we should lower the voting age because it will help Canada for the present and future by giving experience to the youth to make them capable of making their own intelligent decisions. Instead of excluding the future leaders of Canada from elections that greatly change their lives, we should teach them how to make our country stronger as a whole for many years to come. Therefore, I think the Canadian voting age should be lowered to 16 so these brilliant and insightful teenagers can help make Canada the best place on earth forever.



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